How to download Instagram videos?

Instagram is a social network that has not stopped growing in today’s world and is the first option for users who love to see and share photos or videos of any kind. Surely you have ever been interested in knowing how to download Instagram videos, either to save a makeup tutorial that you have loved or funny content. Here you will know how to do it.

How to download photos or videos from Instagram?

Since this social network became popular, the way to download its content (be it photos, videos or even stories) has evolved considerably. There are several ways to download the photos or videos from Instagram that you want, and the best thing is that the applications that offer this option are completely safe for your phone.

Usually these apps allow public access to any account that interests you, in order to download any content that you have previously uploaded. Its use is simple and the only disadvantage is that some applications contain advertising. The process to download Instagram videos is usually this, in secure apps:

  • Go to the official Instagram application, log into your account and search for the photo or video you want to download.
  • On the upper right side, you will see a three-dot icon. Press this icon and select the Share Link option.
  • Click on the Share Link option, and when you do, other options will be displayed. Select the one that says Copy to Clipboard.
  • Go to the app to download the Instagram content. These applications mostly have a bar where you must paste the link you copied, if yours has it, do it.
  • Wait for the video conversion to be done and press the Download option. In this way the video or photo will be in your gallery.

This way you can also download photos and videos from the home tray on your Instagram. However, this will not be very effective for posts that have more than one photo, if you try to download the content of such a post, only the first photo will be downloaded. Another advantage of these applications is that they allow you to “repost”.

Can you download Instagram stories?

The tutorial that was mentioned above only works for Instagram posts and not stories, since they do not have a URL as such. However, there is a way to download the content of the stories of your favorite accounts on Instagram, and it is the StorySaver application. The process to save photos and videos from Stories in this app is as follows:

  • Log in to your Instagram account through this application.
  • Once you log into your account, StorySaver will display a list of the accounts you follow that have uploaded stories to Instagram in the last 24 hours.
  • Click on the username of any of these users and you will see their available stories. Choose which of the photos or videos you want to download.
  • In each story there will be the option to Download, once you press this option, the story will be downloaded and will be in your gallery. You can also see other options such as Share History or Repost.

Of course, do not forget to take into account the privacy of the user’s content and do not download content that could harm others, respect the safety of others.

Can it be done from a browser?

Of course, yes, since Instagram can also be found through the browser and you can access your account in the normal way and see the content you want. Although this method to download Instagram content (photos, videos and stories) is not the most practical, it is one of the most effective:

Simply choose the video or photo you want to download, right-click on the content, choose the Inspect option, and do a search within the code until you find the files of photo or video formats (jpg and mp4). Right click and download.

Downloading Instagram videos is a process that turns out to be easier than it seems since you cannot do it from Instagram as such, however, the ways that allow you to do it are safe and reliable for any device, and the downloads are fast and simple.