Applications to download multimedia content on the internet

A download manager is an application or program designed to download files that interest you from the Internet. This allows you to pause or resume downloads. Today in this article, you will know results are the best applications to download multimedia content from the internet.

Applications to download multimedia content from the internet

Below you will find a complete selection of the best applications to download content from the internet, 8 useful tools that you can enjoy at any time.


This is one of the best known and recommended options. JDownluader is a program developed in Java and available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and other compatible operating systems. Among its useful functions, the option to access platforms such as Mega, and other cloud sites such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and others stands out.

EagleGet Download Accelerator

It is available only for Windows, but it is nevertheless a very complete option, and its simple and easy-to-use interface makes it very good.

Eagle stands out for having many versatile features. One of the most important is that it allows downloading in BitTorrent format, videos from websites such as Youtube and Vimeo, as well as being able to set the destination of each downloaded file according to the format. It is quite easy to use.

Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager is a paid option, and you should consider it if you use online download managers a lot and want to have control over those downloads. This application gives you the great option of speeding up downloads up to 20 times, thanks to the use of several connections to the server that allows the file.

Internet Download Manager

Download Manager is one of the options with the best reputation and one of the most used for quite some time. It is a program that includes a 30-day trial version, once this period is over it is necessary to buy the user license, which is at a fairly affordable price.

One of the best features of the program is that it has the ability to continue interrupted downloads ahead of time. These downloads can continue despite interruptions due to problems in the internet connection, program errors, antivirus pauses and many more.

Free Download Manager

It is another option completely free and compatible with different operating systems. It is a fairly complete program that manages both http or ftp downloads, as well as files from the BitTorrent network, a unique feature.


It is a modern program that offers the option of http and ftp file downloads, too. Another remarkable feature of this application is that, using P2P technology, it is capable of locating other users who are downloading the same file as you, and taking advantage of the parts that these people have, the program can speed up your download easily. Convert P2P into a direct download of any type of file.

Xtreme Download Manager

Download Manager is another free and open source application that you can download if your operating system is Windows, macOS or Linux. It is a simple program to use and the downloads are fast. One of its main characteristics is that it promises to be compatible with the downloading of videos from countless online services, among which are the most popular.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

It is one of the most used and best known download managers on the market. Its interface is quite complete, it allows you to download several files at the same time and divide the downloads into parts. There is a free version and a paid version where there are fewer limitations.

Thanks to these applications to download files from the internet, you won’t have to worry so much about your internet connection or not being able to download what you want due to its type of format. Use these apps!